Risks of Drinking and Driving

Do you feel a sense of happiness and pride when you drink and drive and get home without getting caught? Well, you shouldn’t. You are putting your own and many others’ lives at stake the moment you lay your hands on the steering wheel while under the influence. Usually, there could be legal alcohol limits; many countries’ blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is as low as 0.08 percent, but it is advised to not drive at all if under the influence. Alcohol has a substantial effect on a person’s judgment, coordination, concentration, reaction time etc. and hence they are more probable to cause an accident than a person who is sober. Here are some more risks of drinking and driving.

  1. Poor judgment and decision making

Of course alcohol messes with your head and makes you do things you sure will regret in the morning. Being drunk impairs your judgement and makes you take bad decisions. The decision to drive while drunk is one of them. Moreover, it can easily get you distracted. You may feel the need to call or text while driving, watch videos or be on social media rather than focus on the road. With regard to driving, you may easily wander off your lane, not be aware of your speed limit, not be able to judge the distance between you and the car in front of you, not obey traffic signals etc.

  • Slowed reaction time and lack of coordination

When your brain is under the influence, it takes longer than usual to process the situation. If the car in front of you brakes abruptly or cuts you off, you wouldn’t be able to brake in time to avoid an accident. Likewise, you will not be able to stop the car for a pedestrian, animal or even streetlamp post. Also, alcohol impairs your coordination between your eyes, hands, feet and brain. Even if you notice a pedestrian that jumps in front of your car, and your eyes and brain identifies it, you wouldn’t be able to move your feet to the brake in time. You can tell your coordination isn’t well when you cannot stand straight and sway around. So as soon as you notice these characteristics in you, do not get behind the wheel. You might be fit enough to drive but please, do not DUI.

  • Legal ramifications

The fines and jail time for drinking and driving is extremely high in any country. If getting into an accident isn’t bad enough, having to pay sky high fines and also getting your license cancelled is worse. Legal systems are very strict on DUI rules so do not get into such trouble.

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