Mistakes to avoid with the bride’s bouquet

In a wedding there are many floral elements that come together to form that bridal picture. Since you are highly unlikely to have another wedding for you, you must make sure that the choices that you make with the bouquet are well thought. In the process of doing it, knowing what to avoid will surely help you to refrain from reducing the quality of the good decisions that you make. Since all of these mistakes can sabotage the whole event via the bouquet element, it is better to pay attention to this list.

Here are 4 mistakes to avoid in the context of the bride’s bouquet.

  1. Paying attention only to the color – not the type of the flowers

A mistake like this could only happen with someone who doesn’t mind whatever it is, as long as it looks like how you want it to. One thing that you need to understand is that, a person who knows facts like these would know how careless the bridal dressing has been done the second they notice features like this. Hence, try you best to correlate the type of the flower with the colors of the boutique and the theme and so on.

  • Trying to overdesign the dimensions

There is no doubt that various bridal bouquets singapore            come in various shapes and sizes. Amongst all these sizes there would be the perfect size that suits your body down to the millimeter. It should not surprise you if it was told that people would try to overdesign the bouquet by themselves to fit to the body shape and dimensions. This is something you must always avoid. Because it is like getting a branded pair of shoes and repainting with cheap watercolors. All you need to do is stick to the standardized sizes and that will work just fine.

  • Waiting until the last moment to place an order

Although you think that your wedding is the only wedding happening on your wedding day, there are be several others. What would happen if you waited too long to place an order? The choice of the florist might not have enough stock because they have already allocated for several other events. There could be instances when the stock is there but the preparation would not turn out as smooth as you want it to. That’s why you should place the order with a good comfortable time gap before the event day.

  • Refusing professional opinion

The florists probably know what works the bets for you – after all that’s their profession. If you don’t like what they come up with, try to communicate your ideas and find the common ground but never do what you want to do.

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