Essential Items That Every Cat Owner Needs to Have

When you are planning to own a cat for a first time, you will have to be ready with a few items before brining your kitten home. These are some of the cat gear that will keep your cat safe and comfortable while it stays with you. Take a look at the following items to find out what are the essential items cat owners need to be equipped with.

Food and Bowls

First thing to have on your list is food for your pet. When choosing the right food, you need to choose the right kind of food based on the age of your pet. While most cats can eat out of any bowl, some can be very picky about the bowl they are served food in, therefore in order to make sure your cat has no issues with the food container, have a pet bowl ready just in case. Also, order cats are known to develop arthritis when they are made to eat from flatter bowls that are not up to the neck level. So, choosing the right bowl for your cat is also a safety precaution for them.

Scratching Post

Scratching is a natural behaviour for the cat and when they don’t have a scratching post at your place, they will most tend shred your furniture. While it not necessary to purchase a lot of cat furniture, it is still necessary to have some of the basics such as a scratching post and a perch to hold it, cat tree or a climbing system. You can find these essentials on your local pet store or even order them from an online pet store.

Interactive Toys

Although we often see cats associated with sleeping all the time, you will realise when you have them as a pet of your own, they love to play. So, when you are growing them at your house, it is essential to have some cat toys that can keep them mentally occupied while at the same time keeping them happy and active. Buy them some cat toys that are interactive such as toy mice, string feathers etc. Until you find these items you can make do with somethings that are already available at your place such as empty boxes or balls.

A Litter Box and a Litter Scooper

While cats are easier to litter box train, kittens might still need a little help in that area. When you are shopping for a litter box, remember to keep in mind that size matters. Also, when purchasing, buy one box for each cat you own. Once you have brought the litter box home, it is also your duty to keep it clean. This is essential in order to keep your cat healthy and clean all the time.

A Car Carrier

When you want to transport your cat, there is no better or a safer way to do this than using a cat carrier. If you cat is scared to get into a cat carrier, most pet experts suggest to wrap them in a towel and getting them inside. With time, you can try training your kitty to get into the carrier before travelling.

Once you have all these products with you, you are now ready to be an owner of a cat. Remember that cats do not start using these products immediately. The trick is to be patient with them and training them to use each item.

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